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J-LOC Expanding I. D. Collet
No Machining or Assembly Needed

May Be Used On Any
 5C, 16C, 3J, B42,  B60

Collet Chuck!
Strongest On The Market Today!
J-LOC Quick Change
Chuck Jaw System


Makes Any Chuck With Removable Top Jaws
 A Quick Change Chuck!

J-LOC Quick Change
Vise Jaw System

 Available For Kurt Type Vises

*No machining or assembly required
*.0005" T.I.R.  repeatable accuracy
*Greater rigidity
*Available Iin 5C, 16C, 3J, B42, and B60
  collet configurations
*Great for turning, milling, and grinding


* Fits any chuck with removable top   Jaws
* Change Inserts is 10 seconds or less per Jaw
* Mild steel inserts are easily bored
* Bore Inserts once for multiple uses (no re- boring needed)
* .0005" TIR insert repeatable accuracy

* Fits any 6" or 8" Kurt D-Type vise
* Change Inserts is 10 seconds or less per Jaw
* Mild steel inserts are easily bored
* Machine Inserts once for multiple uses (no re-machining   needed)
* .0005" insert repeatable accuracy

Expanding I. D. Collet
Video Demonstration

Quick Change Chuck Jaws
Video Demonstration

Quick Change Vise Jaws
Video Demonstration

New Products From J-LOC
J-LOC 5C Machinable Pull Type Expanding I. D. Collets

May Be Used On Any 5C Collet Chuck!

Strongest Machinable I.D. Collet
On The Market Today!

Dead Length in Dead Length Collet chucks!

Click Here For A Video Demonstration Of The
J-LOC 5C Machinable Expanding I. D. Collet
J-LOC NRD1 Style Bolt On Quick Change Chuck Jaws
For Self-centering Scroll Chucks With 2 Piece Jaws

Change Inserts In 10 Seconds Per Jaw
.0005" Repeatable accuracy
One Set Of Master Jaws for O.D. & I.D. Clamping

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