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J-LOC 5C Machinable Expanding I. D. Clamping Collets
May be machined to any diameter within the Specified Size Range!

The J-LOC 5C Expanding
Machinable I. D. Collet
Strongest Machinable I.D. Collet On The Market!

May be used on any 5C Collet chuck or fixture!

The single piece collet body is drawn back over
the expansion plug forcing the holding diameter
to expand to clamp on the I. D. of the work part. 
Maintains a .0005" repeatable accuracy after machining.

(Dead Length in Dead Length Collet Chucks)

J-LOC Machinable 5C Expanding I. D. Collet
Video Demonstration

        May be used on any 5C Collet chuck or fixture!

May Be Machined To The Desired I. D. Holding Diameter On Your Machine

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Part Number

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Maximum Blank

Minimum Recommended Machined Diameter

Maximum Machinable
clamping length
JL5CM375 2.000" .375" .375" $220.000
JL5CM500 2.000" .500" .500" $220.000
JL5CM625 2.000" .625" .625" $220.000
JL5CM750 2.000" .750" .750" $220.000
JL5CM875 2.000" .875" .875" $220.000
JL5CM1000 2.000" 1.000" 1.000" $220.000
JL5CM1125 2.000" 1.125" 1.250" $220.000
J-LOC Machinable 5C I. D. Collet Installation And Removal Spanning Wrench  


J-LOC Clamp Ring For Machining 5C Expanding I. D. Collets $25.00
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